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Meet Dr Anne Evans


Dr Anne Evans obtained a BSc with Honors from Flinders University and then completed her medical degree BM BS also at Flinders University. Initially she practiced as a GP before starting in cosmetic medicine in 1989 with vascular laser treatments and sclerotherapy. Since then many other procedures and laser treatments have been added.

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Clinical Philosophy for Future You

The clinic of Future You ® has a vision for each patient based on the medical model of treatment. We always abide by the accepted standards of medicine and use scientifically proven treatments.

Treatment will be based on a proper history and individual examination of each patient. Then a treatment plan will be developed to address the concerns of each patient. This plan will include costs and discussion of positive and any possible negative outcomes.

All information collected will be treated with respect, discretion and confidentiality in accordance with Privacy legislation.

All staff will be trained to the highest level and will undertake continuing education to maintain this skill level.

Treatments will use the most up to date scientifically proven equipment and techniques available.

Dr. Anne Evans
Future You Cosmetic Consultant

Our Services


Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal with the Mediostar Diode laser will result in permanent hair reduction. The clinic does not guarantee permanent hair removal but excellent results are obtained. Both males and females attend for hair removal.

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Leg Veins

Unsightly leg veins are treated by a procedure called sclerotherapy. Very small veins are treated by microsclerotherapy.

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Dermal Fillers & Muscle Relaxing

Many treatments in the world of aesthetic medicine utilize dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections.

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Professional Skin Treatments

Skin tattooing has become extremely popular in recent years. Along with that has come a desire by some people to remove or modify their tattoo.

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