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What is the best thing I can do for my skin?

By far the best things to do for the quality of your skin are to use a 30+ sunscreen every day and to not smoke. These two will make a huge difference to how your skin ages.

Are the practitioners trained?

All the practitioners at Future you® are fully registered medical practitioners or fully registered nurses. They maintain a high level of continuing education and training through hands on training, seminars, workshops and conferences.

Why do I have to have an initial consultation?

An initial consultation is important to establish rapport between the practitioner and the patient. It also serves to go through the patient’s concerns and possible treatments including planned outcomes and any adverse events. The initial consultation is an opportunity to discuss costs for planned procedures.

Do you laser leg veins?

The gold standard treatment for leg veins remains sclerotherapy. There is no evidence that laser is successful in treating leg veins apart from internal laser treatment of large varicose veins. Dr Anne Evans who does the treatment for leg veins at Future you® has never found laser treatment of leg veins to be successful.

Why doesn’t Future you® use an IPL machine?

An IPL or intense pulsed light machine produces light of all wavelengths from 450 to 1000nm and can be used to treat many skin problems. Any unwanted wavelengths are filtered out and this decreases the available power. A laser produces light at one or sometimes two wavelengths. So a laser is very specific in ability but an IPL is more general. Future you® only uses Class 4 medical grade lasers. While an IPL can treat some of the same problems as a laser it has much less power and will take more treatments to achieve the same results.

Will I look unnatural after my dermal filler or muscle relaxant injection?

A lot of patients are anxious about the outcome of their treatment and don’t want to look unnatural or ‘done’. A good practitioner with the correct products and the best techniques will enhance your appearance but not overdo the treatment. The best results mean that you look like yourself only better. This may mean a series of treatments as part of your individual plan and so results are obtained slowly and subtly.

Are there Medicare rebates?

Most of these treatments are considered cosmetic and there are no rebates from Medicare or the private health funds.