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The most important thing anyone can do for their skin is to wear sunscreen every day. The sunscreen should be at least 30+. Every day means every day as damaging UV light is still present even when it is cold and there is no visible sun. Many moisturisers and make-ups have sunscreen in them so you should check the brand you are using. Even with sunscreen on you should not go in the sun between 11am and 3pm as sun damage can still occur.


At Future you® we use and recommend the skin care and treatment range of Ultraceuticals. This has been developed in Australia for Australian conditions by Dr Geoff Heber who is a colleague of Dr Evans. The philosophy of the Ultraceuticals range is that of high performance take-home products to maintain the results achieved by clinic treatments.

The Ultraceuticals skin care includes cleansers, rich moisturisers and powerful Vitamin A and Vitamin C products. Perhaps the most important product is the daily moisturiser with 30+ sunscreen as this is a single layer that performs dual functions.

New additions to the range include a brightening serum for pigmentation and Ultra B2 hydrating serum containing niacinamide.

Future you® is also able to prescribe from the new Ultra MD range of products which feature very high percentages of active ingredients and are only available through medical clinics.

Other Products

Dr Evans maintains a close working relationship with a compounding pharmacist and so can prescribe very specific treatments for particular patients.