Dermal Fillers And Muscle Relaxing Injections

Dermal Fillers

Many treatments in the world of aesthetic medicine utilize dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections. Dr Anne Evans started performing these treatments in 1996 and has continued to update her skills and techniques.

During this time there has been a huge change in the approach to facial lines, wrinkles, creases and hollowing. This has been matched by many changes and improvements in the injectable products available. No longer does a good practitioner just assess and treat a single line or wrinkle. Now such treatments involve an assessment of the entire face and a plan for treatment and maintenance of the fresher appearance. The initial consultation is of vital importance in this process with a frank two way exchange between the practitioner and the patient to establish an individual and specific plan for that patient. Both male and female patients are seeking these treatments.

Future You® recommends a wide range of the worlds leading dermal fillers. A fillers molecule is one of the natural building blocks already present in our skin, it’s job is to attract water into the skin and so when injected it fills lines, creases and hollows. There are a number of products available with different thicknesses and consistencies and the specific uses will be discussed at the initial consultation.

There are other products available that work by stimulating the patient’s own collagen production and these can also be discussed.

Typical areas for dermal filler treatments include lips either enhancement or rehydration, enhancement of cheeks and chin, naso-labial folds, marionette lines, reshaping of nose, minimize jowls, improve the under eye area and treatments to rebuild facial volume. There are other more subtle areas that can also be treated. The fillers can be used in larger volumes to achieve a non-surgical face-lift.

The dermal filler procedure takes between 20-40 minutes. Most of the products now have local anaesthetic in them to improve the comfort for the patient. Local anaesthetic cream or injections may also be used. A week before the treatment you should stop any aspirin, anti-inflammatory tablets and fish oil you are taking unless there is a medical reason to keep taking them. This helps to decrease bruising.

After a dermal filler procedure you can expect some redness, swelling and perhaps bruising. These can last several days but can usually be masked by make-up. Every effort is made to minimize these effects but the mechanical fact of introducing a needle through the skin means a bruise is easily caused. The needles used are extremely fine to try to lessen discomfort and bruising. In some patients a touch up treatment is needed after 2 weeks to correct asymmetry.

Dermal filler treatments last for 6-18 months depending on type and location of the filler.

If you are interested in this treatment please phone to make an appointment.

Muscle Relaxing Injections

Expression lines become more prominent as we age. They occur due to the repetitive movement of the facial muscles of expression. The most prominent are frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines. These lines are best treated with injections of muscle relaxants. The muscle relaxant is a purified protein that stops the signal from the nerve to the muscle and so the muscle relaxes and lines soften.

Some other areas can also be treated including top lip lines, mouth frown, jaw-line, neck bands, teeth grinding and excessive sweating. The treatment is almost painless with very fine needles used to inject into the muscles. There are very few side effects. It takes 3-14 days for the treatment to take effect and lasts for 3-6 months.

If you are interested in muscle relaxant injections then please phone to make an appointment and discuss this further.