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Acne Laser Treatment Adelaide

Future You Clinic’s renowned Acne Laser Treatment Adelaide has helped a lot of people get rid of their persistent acne problems. At our clinics, laser treatments are conducted with the extremely safe and efficient Copper Bromide (Norseld Dual Yellow) laser. This procedure is effective because the laser creates two light wavelengths—one green light at 511 newton metres and a yellow light at 578 newton metres. This process is commonly known as “laser peeling”. The goal of our process is to remove old and damaged skin cells to reveal the more youthful cells beneath. Our experts make sure that every safety provision is taken in order to make this process as smooth as possible. Since implementing this technology, we’ve had absolutely no clients experience any problems or harmful side effects. This might just be the Acne Laser Treatment Adelaide you’ve been searching for to restore your skin, and your confidence!

A Low-Risk, High-Reward Process

Our acne laser treatment Adelaide is designed to be low-risk, and high-reward. We have designed special ablative laser resurfacing processes that promote collagen growth. This stimulates the treatment areas to help them heal effectively for smoother skin. Before we commence any treatments, our team of dermatologists first review out patient’s entire medical and skincare history. After conducting this basic physical review, we start our procedure. Our customers are pleasantly surprised by the minimal level of pain associated with our laser treatment. The recovery time is also minimal, but we do put few restrictions in place such as no sunbathing etc. The procedure is non-invasive and generates best results when carried out in conjunction with other acne treatment procedures like chemical peels, which can be negotiated with your specialist. Founder of Future You, Dr Anne Evans, only employs South Australia’s most credible technicians to carry out your treatments.

The Best Dermatologic Surgeons in the Business

Our specialised acne laser treatment Adelaide is conducted by fully qualified and a registered team of medical practitioners. We are the best in the business not only because of our expertise in our field, but also because of the compassion that we share with our patients. We understand that suffering from acne is a serious issue and our experts are trained to deal with such delicate issues with the utmost care and seriousness. With over 20 years of experience in this field of acne laser treatment Adelaide, we have become the finest team of dermatologic surgeons in South Australia, serving thousands of patients. Be it curing any difficult skin ailment with laser therapy or combining multiple different methods and processes to provide you with the fastest solution – our team is equipped to help you fight off acne with ease. For a stress-free experience with guaranteed results, call today!

To start your journey of fighting acne in the most scientifically advanced way possible, contact us now on (08) 8239 1800 or email us at Book your session for acne laser treatment Adelaide now.