Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal with the Mediostar Diode laser will result in permanent hair reduction. The clinic does not guarantee permanent hair removal but excellent results are obtained. Both males and females attend for hair removal.

It is not a single treatment because the laser needs an active growing hair in the hair follicle for effective treatment. At any one time hairs will be in an active growing phase (anagen), resting (telogen) or dying off (catagen).

So it is impossible to damage all hair follicles in one treatment. Different areas of the body have different rates for the hair growing cycle so there will be different intervals between treatments. Generally anywhere between 4 and 12 treatments may be needed.

The Mediostar laser works as the laser light is absorbed preferentially by the melanin in the hair and hair follicle. This selectively damages the hair follicle to decrease and/or slow hair growth. So the best situation is a dark hair on pale skin with the hair in an active growing phase. The hair must be shaved or trimmed to leave hair in the follicle but not along the skin. If there is a hair along the skin it can absorb laser light and cause a burn. With darker skin types and lighter hair colour the treatment parameters will need to be adapted to minimize side effects. Sometimes a test patch may performed to determine the optimum laser settings. Very blonde, white and some grey hairs do not respond to the laser.

Possible side effects include laser burns, increased or decreased skin pigmentation in the treated areas and redness of the treated area. The chance of adverse outcomes are minimized by careful selection of the correct laser settings and by the training and experience of the laser therapist.

Hair removal with the Mediostar laser is only mildly uncomfortable and following the treatment the skin looks mildly red and irritated. It may also feel warm. These effects are very short lived and so the treatment can be considered walk in and walk out.

Facial hair in female patients can behave differently due to the influence of hormones. It may require more treatments than other areas. Patients with this problem may need to be referred for hormonal assessment as well as continuing the laser hair removal.

If you are interested in hair removal by Mediostar laser please ring to make an appointment with one of our practice nurses. At this appointment the nurse will assess the area to be treated and discuss the treatment in full. She will provide a quote for the cost of treatment. If indicated she may perform a test patch. This consultation is at no charge.

Medicare does not cover any costs associated with hair removal.