Laser Treatment Of Facial Veins & Other Skin Blemishes

At the Future You® clinic the majority of laser treatments are performed with the Norseld Dual Yellow (copper bromide) laser. This laser produces two wavelengths of light. The first is green light of 511nm and yellow light at 578nm. Various lasers have been used in the skin for more than 30 years and there is no evidence of any long term problems or side effects.

Lasers work by producing a beam of high energy light and when the light is absorbed in the skin the light energy is converted to heat energy and selectively damages that structure. However the surrounding areas and structures are not damaged. So the laser can selectively damage a blood vessel but leave no damage to anything else. Yellow light is specifically and selectively absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood vessel and so damage occurs. Green light is selectively and specifically absorbed by melanin which is the brown pigment in coloured lesions such as sunspots and pigmentation.

Facial veins respond extremely well to laser treatment with the Dual Yellow laser. Such veins are often related to sun damage in fair skinned people. However facial veins can be related to rosacea, scars and use of cortisone creams and these all respond to this laser treatment.

Treatment of facial veins and other red lesions is mildly uncomfortable but usually well tolerated. If larger veins or areas are to be treated then some local anaesthetic cream can be applied for 30 minutes prior to the treatment. After the laser treatment the skin may be mildly red for a few hours but sunscreen and makeup can be applied straight away. The final results will take up to 8 weeks to appear and a second treatment may be needed. Facial veins can recur and more treatments may be needed in future years.

Lasering of brown lesions feels similar to that of red lesions. After the treatment the brown spots darken for a few days and then the spot falls off over the next 10 days. More bulky lesions such as skin tags can also be treated. Further laser treatments may be needed 8 weeks later.

The Norseld® Dual Yellow laser treatments are performed by Dr Anne Evans and the Clinic Nurse. If you are interested then please phone to make an appointment with one of our practitioners to discuss this further.

Most of these laser treatments do not attract any Medicare or private health fund rebates. There are some exceptions for severe facial veins. This can be discussed at the initial consultation.